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Programmes are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control


We will do our best to keep to the following schedule wherever possible


(Broadcasting 24 hours a day / 7 days a week)

Together with the following 'Live' Broadcasts





Monday 21st


(9am to 12noon)

Monday Montage with Mark


(12noon to 2pm)

Lunch with Terry

(Lily has an appointment so Terry is standing in)


(5pm to 7pm)

Monday Musicals with Jane


Tuesday 22nd

(Weather Permitting – Live from Southwold Boating Lake & Tea Room)


(10am to 12noon)

Sylvie's Selection Box

(Sylvies guests this week are: )


(12noon to 1pm)

Terry’s Tuesday Hour

(Music to keep your hands clapping and feet tapping)


(1pm to 3pm)

Classic Country with Bill


Wednesday 23rd


(12:30pm to 1pm)

Sorry 'NO'

Story Time with Lucy

this week

(1pm to 2pm)

Around and About

A new programme featuring music and interviews with local people

(This week will feature )


(2pm to 5pm)

Colin's Country Collection

This weeks featured album: "What Makes Bob Holler" by Hot Club Of Cowtown (2010)


(5pm to 7pm)

Blair presents

'Songs I Grew Up With'


Thursday 24th

(10am to 12noon)

Thursdays Musical Interlude (TMI) with Gerry


Friday 25th


(12noon to 2pm)

Martin Z


(2pm to 3pm)

Sue’s Selection


(3pm to 4pm)

Popular Classical Music with Sylvie

(This week features )


(4pm to 4:30pm)

Grannie’s Stories with Sue


(4:30pm to 6pm)

Friday with Suzanne


Saturday 26th

(9am to 11am)

Saturday Morning Music Mix with DJBadBoyBaz


(12noon to 2pm)

Terry’s Music Mix


(2pm to 3pm)

Pop History with Terry


(5pm to 7pm)

Martin Z


Sunday 27th

(9am to 12noon)

Sunday Morning with Bill


(12noon to 3pm)

Sunday Lunch with Brian


(5pm to 7pm)

Martin Z


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