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Faith in Action

Working in Partnership with the Church in Africa

EAST POINT RADIO is supporting the 

Southwold United Reformed Church to help raise money to dig a Well in Malawi, in conjunction with the Charity 'Faith in Action'.
This is to provide clean water to people who now have to walk miles to collect water from polluted ponds that are being used for washing, drinking and by animals.

Having access to clean water in the village will enable children to attend school, and so further their education and improve their lives.
To dig a well costs between £2.000 - £3,000.

So please help us to raise some of this money through asking for a request to be played on the Radio, and make a donation towards the cost using the 'DONATE' button above - this will take you to our Just Giving Page.

Choose a song, choose a programme, make a dedication.